English isn't just a subject in school, English is a language.

Encourage children to speak, understand and enjoy English using songs, drama, stories and games.

Interactive workshops

Add something special to your English Day, with an experience that continues long after the show is over.

English in preschool

Early exposure - when brains are most flexible and children naturally mimic what they hear.

Musical theater

Singing and speaking on stage helps develop confidence and fluency.

Arts and crafts

Releasing creativity along with visual learning. No translation needed.

Puppet theater

Creating a safe, non-threatening environment for speaking.

Games and physical activity

Fun, multi-sensory learning keeps children involved and engaged.

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Why bother with all the songs and games? Why not just teach English?

From the moment children enter the room until they leave they are learning English. Hearing me speak to them, singing songs in English, saying words or phrases accompanied by movement or objects, and games which repeat language chunks are all proven ways to improve language acquisition. Not all children learn what they are taught, and learning can take place without teaching.

Why don't you start with the ABC?

When children are born, they listen a lot before they start talking. Only after they can speak well to they begin learning to read. That's the way a language should be learned. Teaching letters and reading to children with no basic vocabulary turns into meaningless drilling. They are much more motivated when they can understand what they read.

Why start young?

The younger children are the easier it is for them to absorb a new language along with sounds that don't exist in their native language. They are more aware of body language and therefore require less translation. As they get older, even in elementary school, they begin to develop barriers and even a fear of speaking English. It's much easier to get them to speak at an early age.

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